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  • Banned

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    Banned is a new British clothing brand. It has its origins in the designs

  • Burleska

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    Burleska has become a milestone in the world of lingerie for their value. Burleska offers a selection of corsets and reinforcing metal rods inside at an affordable price. His style is developed but not recharged, making their corsets in pieces combined perfectly for any occasion. If you want a corset to go with you for many years this is your brand.

  • Crazyinlove

    137 products

    Come discover the items designed and made by ourselves. Crazyinlove branded products.

  • Dark in love

    321 products

    Official Dark in love shop. Com to check their wonderful prices

  • Dead Threads

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  • G.L.P.

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    G.L.P. brand is already a classic in the world of visual kei and gothic clothing. The style is characterized by two opposite poles. At one extreme are the shirts and dresses with delicate finishes lolita and other pants and shirts are asymmetric. The style is both torn and content, like a sweet and sour mix.

  • Jawbreaker

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  • Poizen Industries

    15 products

    Poizen Industries has the craziest designs and wild. At the same time, part of his catalog has a more basic and elegant cut, which makes it a perfect brand for different occasions. We recommend dedicate a moment to browse the catalog of this brand and discover some of her jewelry. Do not miss the bags or katana umbrella!

  • Punk Rave

    303 products

    Punk Rave has two sources of inspiration to try to join in their designs. On one side of the east anime culture and secondly punk and goth culture of the West. The visual elements of anime with noble and elegant elements aim to create a unique combination of wild colors but with a dark style. The draft allows designers feel a sense different from the...

  • Pyon Pyon

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    Within its limited catalogue Pyon Pyon makes a commitment to quality and exclusivity of their designs. Pyon Pyon makes a clear commitment to the kimono and Lolita dresses. Some of their models have become classics and many lovers of oriental already have a model in their closets Pyon Pyon.

  • RQ-BL

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    Red Queens-Black Legion was born in 2010 at the hands of an experienced team of designers and a new production team. This brand makes much stress upon the originality and exlcusivity of their designs during the first year only  the company dedicated to creating new designs without putting anything on sale. The result of this effort can be seen in the...